Wayne Mullane

I'm a proofreader and copy editor with a passion for travelling, hiking and reading

Welcome to my website! I’m thrilled to share with you my self-published book, Adventure Dayze. But that’s not all – my blog is full of short stories, poems, and tales from my hiking adventures. I’m excited to connect with you through my writing and share my love for the great outdoors. 

Looking ahead, from early 2024, I’ll be revamping the website to promote my work as a proofreader. So stay tuned for even more exciting updates to come!


You can contact me too – either send me an email using the form on the contact page, or come and have a chat with me on social media.

Adventure is good for the soul, body and mind. I hope that by spending some time here you feel encouraged to go out and explore in your own way.

Proofreading & editing services

Unleash the Magic in Your Words: Travel, Hiking, Fantasy & Sci-Fi Proofreading

I offer meticulous proofreading services to ensure your travelogues, hiking guides, fantasy manuscripts, and science fiction epics are polished and shine with clarity.

Whether you’re sharing breathtaking landscapes, epic adventures, fantastical worlds, or exploring the vast reaches of space, I’ll help your writing reach its full potential.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is the final stage of reviewing a written document for correctness, to identify and rectify errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.

The primary goal of proofreading is to catch and rectify surface-level mistakes that might have been overlooked during the drafting and revising stages.

As a proofreader, I will focus on identifying and fixing typographical errors, misspellings, punctuation mistakes, and minor grammatical issues. I will also check for consistency in formatting and ensure that the document adheres to a particular style guide.

What is copy-editing?

Editing involves a more comprehensive and in-depth review of a written piece, addressing not only surface-level errors but also examining the overall structure, clarity, coherence, and effectiveness of the content.

Editing aims to enhance the overall quality of the writing by improving its organisation, flow, and coherence. It also involves refining the language for clarity, eliminating redundancies, and ensuring that the tone and style are appropriate for the intended audience.

As an editor, I may suggest reordering paragraphs, rewriting sentences for clarity, checking for consistency in tone and style, and addressing issues related to logic and coherence. I may also provide feedback on the overall structure and organisation of the document.

My self-published novel, Adventure Dayze, is out now


Hiking is the gateway to adventure.

Being in the Great Outdoors is great for the mind, body, and soul. And the even better news? It needn’t involve much more than putting on a pair of trainers and heading out your front door.

In Adventure Dayze, author Wayne Mullane recounts his hiking experiences in Britain and Ireland with his friends, including overcoming limitations walking at altitude and having a dodgy sense of direction!

This book aims to help you get started… or, if you’re a seasoned hiker, to encourage you to hike with renewed vigour. This story shares insights and discusses the benefits of hiking, including fitness, friendship, courage, mental health, and…err…the joy of eating.

Adventure Dayze will inspire you to overcome your limitations and get outdoors to enjoy all the unique beauty that is on offer. Even pandemic lockdowns won’t be able to suppress your exploration, as the author found out, there are many ways to bring the outdoors inside when there’s no other choice.


 Here you’ll find info on my latest hikes, self-publishing updates along with short stories and poems.


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