About Wayne

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About Wayne

First time author with a love of hiking and fantasy stories.

My novel, ‘Adventure Dayze’, charts the hiking adventures of my friends and I in Britain and Ireland. It recounts how I attempt to overcome a fear of heights and a dodgy sense of direction in order to enjoy the great outdoors. My hope is that the reader will overcome their own limitations in order to enjoy being outside.


About My Hiking

hey say there’s no journey too high or too far for good friends and a good pair of boots. That’s certainly been my experience! Together with my hiking buddies, I’ve summited the highest peaks in all four corners of the UK and Ireland. But the mountains haven’t stopped there!

I’m currently on a mission to explore every English county, taking a hiking vacation in each one to explore their unique beauty. It’s a personal quest that combines my love of hiking with a burning desire to see every inch of England.