Blogging 101: Be A Good Neighbour & Be Inspired By The Neighbours

Blogging 101: Be A Good Neighbour & Be Inspired By The Neighbours

I’m doing a double whammy with this post.

For ‘Be A Good Neighbour’, I left messages on the following four blogs:


Live to write, write to live

Daily Write


All four blogs are worth a visit – each article I read engaged me in different ways – and explore different areas of the writing world. As a result, I am now following all four blogs.

For the ‘Be Inspired By The Neighbours’ segment, I decided to post up about Bluechickenninja’s ‘The TBR Jar’ as it helped to solve the problem of what book I should read next. The author’s technique is to write the names of unread books on to separate slips of paper, place them into a jar and pull one out at random. (Bluechickenninja explained how it helped her decide between the sixty or so books on her shelves).

Choosing a book in a library or a bookshop is a rewarding experience that requires thought and time. However, for those of us who have a stack of books that, despite our intentions, we probably would never get through, this technique gives us motivation to do so.

My usual technique is to mix it up: something heavy, something light. Applying the TBR jar method to my own makes it all the more enjoyable when you select one of those hidden gems that has been gathering dust for a while.

My next read: a comic book version of ‘The Hobbit’.

Result: Chuffed!

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  1. Gaizabonts

    Thank you for the follow and the comment. I hope you find all that you need on this journey. 🙂 BTW, I saw that you updated your about page (prev post). Did you publish it? It still shows the standard WP About page. Best wishes!

    1. waynemullane

      Hi, I was having trouble saving my About Me info the other night. But it seems to have updated okay now. Thanks for the comment. Hope you have a great weekend. All the best, Wayne

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