Daily Prompt: Menagerie

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Menagerie.”

Currently, I have no pets. My cat, Paddy Purr, was the last in line of a dynasty that produced some interesting characters:

Charlie was a rogue cat, who didn’t stick around long, but was very affectionate.

Kizzie was a cantankerous loner, who surprised us with those little moments of love.

Roland was a mellow silver tabby. The size of his tummy was only exceeded by the size of his heart.

Nala was a wild little thing with a crooked nose. She also had a penchant for orange juice.

And Paddy: another remorseless eating machine. His purr was like an aeroplane taking off.

Miss them all, love them all. I know there still here diving in and out of cupboards, mewing for food and purring their heads off.

I’ll write about Herbie, my dough-eyed canine another time. Suffice to say, I know he’s driving round Heaven right now in his little van, mending any leaks as he goes. For he is the doggy plumber of heaven!

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  1. "Bethie"

    Our four footed babies are amazing, aren’t they, Wayne?

    1. waynemullane

      They are, Bethie. it’s strange having a cat-less house at the moment!

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