‘Driftworld Atlas’ by L. Bell – Book Review

‘Driftworld Atlas’ by L. Bell – Book Review


‘Driftworld Atlas’ by L Bell.

Big thanks to @lovebookstours and L.Bell (author) for my copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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As an avid reader of fantasy, there are some books that blow my mind when they introduce you to a whole new world that you’ve never experienced before. And then there’s ‘Driftworld Atlas’!

How the author has vividly described the settlements among the high cliffs and vines at the edges of civilisation intrigued me. Reading this book was like nothing I’d read before. I could place myself beside the Lost Traveler as he journeyed through the places described in this book.

There’s a number of familiar fantasy creatures, and plenty of new ones – such as a shape-shifting lady made of paper – that make  this read all the more enthralling. I even found myself having empathy for the main demon character – which is a complete first for me.

This book offers us a snapshot into such a wonderfully created world and characters. I can’t wait to read more as this universe expands in future books.



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