Poem: Kayak Attack

Poem: Kayak Attack

The still and calming waters did nothing to clear my mind,

As the others paddled on, I was left far behind.

Struggling to keep my balance, I can’t even swim,

As I cussed and cursed I knew my chances were looking grim.

But I was doing it – kayaking and challenging myself:

What a bonus for physical and mental health!

Soon I kept a steady line and picked up speed –

As I cut through the water I thought I’d finally succeed.

Yes, at long last I thought I was getting a grip,

But then my back locked, spasmed and gave me gyp.

I lay there horizontal, staring at the endless blue sky,

As long as I didn’t capsize there was no need to cry.

Soon the feeling passed and I paddled slowly back to shore,

Despite all the problems I faced I knew I wanted to do this more.

On the sand, I rose, legs buckled and I fell back in the lake,

There’s nothing like a cold bath to make me stay awake.

I shivered, shook and stamped as I waited for my friends to return,

I want to do this again – Will I ever, ever learn?

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