Poetry 201: Fog/Elegy/Metaphor

Poetry 201: Fog/Elegy/Metaphor

This is called ‘Rainbows’ (A Dark Elegy):

The words you spun entangled my soul,

Caught in a web, loss of control.

Riding through ghostly mists, foreboding and dark –

Too much weight for my paper heart.

Chilling mistruths that poured from your lips,

Taught me hope in the wintry depths.

Your cruel words helped me to embrace rainbows more.

You gave me a way out of your civil war.

You made me feel without you I was nothing,

But I knew there was more to loving.

I’d like to see you now, it’s bizarre,

To thank you for putting me on a better path

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  1. Robin

    I love so many things about this poem. You used great metaphors, plus I like the contrasts throughout the poem – how something good comes out of something bad. I especially like the phrase “paper heart”.

    1. waynemullane

      Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the comments

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