Review of February/March Plans

Review of February/March Plans

I was just reading back over my aims for February (please see February 4th post entitled ‘Febolution’). I had two main aims: posting up a couple of stories, one of which had been professionally edited and proofread; sending my ‘Good Knight to Love Poem’ to poetree creations. At the back end of January, I also said I would revamp my site to include better headers and other bits and bobs.

Well, I achieved none of that! This wasn’t because I had fallen back into past behaviours and found it hard to devote myself to my endeavours. No, there was a beautiful and unexpected distraction that took up my time: WordPress’ Poetry course. As I mentioned in one of my comments in The Commons, I had a blast doing this; I learnt so much and it is already helping me to add more flavour to my story writing. I also read some fantastic poetry by other bloggers. The course was a real treat and has left me totally inspired.

I disciplined myself by trying to do each poetry assignment within a day. I’m fairly pleased with most of my efforts, but I felt that maybe I could have spent more time on some pieces. Still, beforehand poetry was only something that I occasionally dabbled in; now, it will be something that I do more regularly.

Another achievement in February was sending another story to be proofread. I feel that I learnt a lot of lessons from the first story being proofread and I’ve tried to apply these to subsequent attempts. I’m attempting to send at least one story a month to be proofread on payday, so that I have a self-set deadline to work too.

I am conscious that if I put up a list of aims every month only to set about doing other things, it seems that I have an aimless blog. So, whilst the Febolution has armed me with more skills – and I won’t be apologising for it – I’ll be back on track for March (‘Marching On’????). I think that the last couple of months have had a trial and error element to them in terms of the site’s development. But I can see shapes forming in the fog. I’ll post my stories up in the next week or so and review a few creative writing books too.

And that’s a promise.

Happy writing everybody!!

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