Stepping Over The Threshold

Stepping Over The Threshold

Hi Everybody,

I hope you and your families are all keeping well.

A couple of days ago, the editor who is doing the developmental edit of my book emailed me back with all her suggestions. As yet, I’ve not looked at it as this feels like such a significant moment for me that I wanted to give it fresh attention at the weekend after the working week was complete.

I’m really excited because it’s a watershed time for me: I’m going to learn a lot about how to develop my writing style from here and this will shape my future. So, not only will I be using my editors suggestions to make my hiking story stronger; I’ll be absorbing all the info I can to help me structure and plot better, and to bring the characters to life.

I wanted to put this post up before I begin looking at the editing suggestions because it’s the start of the next leg of the journey. I know I’m going to be busier now, yet the old adage that when you do something you enjoy often it doesn’t seem like hard work is true.

In a near future post I’ll start to detail my journey into self-publishing more: what I’ve learnt, where I’m at and what resources and services I’m using. To me, the whole process is like designing my own study course whilst simultaneously developing myself as a writer.

It’s clear to me now that when I see checklists or watch advice videos on YouTube about self-publishing I know I’ve gone about matters in a semi-back-to-front way. Perseverance and determination will be key factors in smoothing that out. It’s so typical of me to turn off the main road and take all the back roads to hit the target. The important thing is that I reach the end and, ultimately, how the journey shapes me as a better self-published writer in the future.

Happy weekend, Everybody. I’ll look forward to reading posts from other WordPress users this weekend too.

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