Photo Poem: Adventure In The UK’s Smallest County

Photo Poem: Adventure In The UK’s Smallest County

Ten-thirty in the morning, rushing around with last minute packing,
My mate Rob is waiting outside, I’d better get cracking.
A two hour drive north awaits for adventure to start,
The excitement is starting to build in my heart.
I jump in the car, the engine is running,
Let’s go to a place where the scenery is stunning.

Rutland, Rutland.

Two hours later, we’re there, the tent is pitched,
Bags are dumped and without a hitch
We march across farm fields – hope we don’t get a stitch!
Our friend Aaron has joined us from Yorkshire, for which
We are grateful as he directs our hike without a glitch,
Now at the pub, for a pint we itch!

Rutland, Rutland.

After a pint or three we treapse through country roads in rain,
Amid gentle hills that keep rolling again and again.
The sky is grey as rocks, as hard as stone,
I’m glad I didn’t undertake this alone.
Idyllic villages with churches, pubs and friendly locals,
This is a trip that for a long time I shall be vocal.

Rutland, Rutland.

After a seven mile walk and four pubs (where we socially distanced, of course),
We head back to the campsite where we hear plenty of snores.
Next morning, we’re up and out early as you like
As we head to stunning Rutland Water to use our bikes,
Through rocky trails by the lake and through woods,
A seventeen mile pedal will do our legs and souls good.

Rutland, Rutland.

On one side is the water, so still and calming,
On the other there’s fields so ripe for farming.
At Normanton, we whizz by the ‘floating church’ that stands on the water,
Should you visit here? Yes, I think you ought to!
Then, we cycle over the dam that stands so proud,
For our tiniest county, Rutland should sing it loud.

Rutland, Rutland.

For here, there’s lots and lots for whoever you are with,
Cycle, hike, sail, birdwatch, even catch a fish
As we finish our biking adventure, feeling stronger,
I wish we’d stayed here a heck of a lot longer.
We’ve experienced Rutland in such a short time space,
I hope these memories never ever erase.


This weekend my friends and I descended upon Rutland, the smallest county in the UK. It may be tiny, but it packs a punch. It was great to hang out with my friends during these Covid-19 times. New rules and restrictions are important, and we managed to adapt our adventures well to that. I feel blessed to share these experiences with my friends.

The photos are a mix of ones we all took.

If you live in the UK or if you visit from abroad at some point, I hope you can visit Rutland.

Peace and love for now 😊

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  1. Happy Panda

    The floating Church looks so pretty! Sounds like such a fun experience!

    1. waynemullane

      Thank you – it’s really breathtaking there. I wish I’d got a photo of the dam too 😊

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