Discovery Prompts: Hidden

I liked the suggestion in the prompt regarding items that could be put in a time capsule. I remember doing writing activities like that when I was a kid. Another one was what ten things would you take for a year to survive on a desert island.

These exercises fire the imagination and begin to create the ideas of lives and futures – even if fictional – that’d otherwise be hidden from us.

Anyway, here’s my ten items to put in a time capsule:

  1. A photograph of a toucan.
  2. A spoon I placed in my neighbour’s flowerbed for about five minutes.
  3. A signed copy of ‘Tick Tock Ping A Ding’ by King Henry X.
  4. A packed lunch with some used staples.
  5. A spanner with a small engraving of a shamrock.
  6. A shamrock with several large engravings of spanners.
  7. Geoff/Jeff.
  8. Eagle Sawdust Soundclub Track.
  9. A well acted scene from 4 films: you decide.
  10. Crafty Lalbanor and his guide to packing spoons, shamrocks, staples and other stuff in time capsules.

The metal box that contains these items shall have a label on the front that reads ‘Open on 27th November 2156 or before if you want to watch Cagney and Lacey’.

The box will be buried by a rocky outcrop on some faraway moon about 3 minutes from my dad’s t-shirts.

It will be opened in a time of peace.

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