Learning More And More About Myself As A Self-publishing Writer

Learning More And More About Myself As A Self-publishing Writer

Hi Everybody,

Hope you are all keeping safe and well.

I so wanted to put this post up earlier this week and to do some of the daily prompts. However, I’ve been so engrossed in working on my Ben Nevis story that I’ve sacrificed other writing projects.

I’ve had to rewrite a few sections of the book at the suggestion of my editor, e.g. adding potted histories of the places I’ve hiked to and focusing more on the mental health benefits of walking. I really enjoy doing research as I know it adds layers to my book. It’s meant developing discipline and being thorough. Gaining knowledge is a wonderful and if it gives more soul to what I write, then that’s a good thing.

Sometimes I feel that I should be slogging out the work every day and burning the midnight oil more. However, I’ve noticed that my better work comes when I step back occasionally – a day here or there – when I do no writing and just think through what I need to do. Others I know need to keep writing and writing each day in order to keep their work focussed. Stepping back helps me to maintain my efforts and look at things afresh.

When I first started to write more seriously I thought taking the odd day off here and there wasn’t good as it didn’t seem the done thing amongst other writers I know. Similarly, I felt pressure if I didn’t write a thousand words every day. To get around issues like this I realised that as long as I was dedicating myself to writing in some way each day, that’s okay. If it means stopping and thinking (most likely on a hike!) about what I’m writing and that makes me a better writer, then that’s what I’ll do.

I think when you work things like this out and your more comfortable with how you go about things, then that shows your maturing as a writer.

Slow and steady is definitely my modus operandi. I’m really only able to focus on one thing at a time. So, I feel that I need to get my changes done and sent to my editor for a final check for publishing before I can look at any other matters related to self-publishing -completing the blurb, sorting the cover design etc – when maybe I should be concurrently undertaking those activities along with my writing. Time and experience will tell if this approach is suitable.

But this is a journey and I’m willing to adapt and learn – and that inspires me.

Perhaps it’s just knowing that I’m learning more about myself and evolving more as a writer that encourages me to keep developing my craft.

And long may that continue.

I’ll look forward to catching up on everybody’s posts over the weekend.

Have a good weekend, everybody 😊.

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