Forest Therapy

This weekend my cousin and I trekked through Church Woods and Burnham Beeches in Buckinghamshire, England. We were blessed with endless sunshine, making it the kind of day that we wished our legs wouldn’t tire so that we could keep on exploring.

The start of the walk opened us up to a day of possibilities

The clear blue skies, the ripe green fields and trees in full bloom provided us with all the necessary resources for our minds to be filled with peace and calm.

In full bloom

The most spectacular part of the day, however, was being witness to the floral tapestry made up by the bluebells that covered the forest floor.

Spring in action

The day was completed with a few moments of calm by a serene lake before the final walk back to the car.

Bonus water therapy


In her book ‘Adventure Revolution’, Belinda Kirk advocates that there are a number of physical and mental health advantages that spending time in a woodland setting can provide. These benefits include a healthier cardiovascular system and reduced stress levels. However, the author points out that the effects are much deeper as the trees and soil are actively helping us.

Kirk points out that studies have shown that trees let out phytoncides which benefit our immune systems to fight communicable disease and tumour development. There’s also evidence to suggest that a certain soil bacteria can bolster us against stress.

Knowing such things gives me a deeper connection with our planet, and makes me want to spend more time in the open.

Nature is the gift that keeps on giving

I hope that you all have a chance to take a hike and embrace the healing properties of nature soon.

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