Hello, It’s Good To Be Back

Hi Everybody,

I hope you’re all well and keeping safe.

I’ve been off air for a couple of weeks. I’ve missed WordPress and sharing with other bloggers in this time. But it’s good to be back now.

I decided to take time out to reassess where I was going with my hiking book and I decided to do a lot of restructuring. It’s meant staying up into the early hours quite often. I’m in a good place with it now, so I’m more freed up to focus on my blog.

I’ve finally been able to go on a few more hikes in the local countryside too, so I’ve got ideas for a few posts and poems too. If the truth be told, it was good to finally be out more consistently again as lockdown eases in the UK; but I think I enjoyed it too much that it’s taken me this long to return to WordPress.

Finally, in any spare time I had to read I had my head lost in ‘Neverwhere’ by Neil Gaiman. In brief, it’s about the people that live in the murky depths under London – it’s a mind-blowing read.

Well, I’ll leave it there for now. I look forward to reading your posts in next few days – I really have missed being here 😊.

Hope you all have a good week.

Peace and love,


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