Poem: Breakfast In The Woods

Today, my friend and I left the town

On our first rural trip since lockdown.

Concrete, tarmac and neighbourhoods

Gave way to farm fields and woods.

Stresses and strains gone in the blink of an eye

As we treapsed through fields of wheat and rye.

And in the long, tall grass the crickets chattered

As we got back to what really mattered

Out on to footpaths flanked by hedge

On a pursuit to live a little on the edge.

The last few months inhibited our freedom,

Now was the time to address this wrong.

Before we left, we’d scoped the views, consulted maps,

Checked the weather, adorned our caps,

Packed our burgers, veggies and buns

To head off to the woods and have some fun.

Stove set up, we sipped our tea

And watched squirrels leap from tree to tree.

Burgers sizzling, tummies rumbling

By the time we ate there was no grumbling.

On the way back we spied a deer

As it shot through a hedge like a spear.

What a great adventure so close to home

Now we’re back we’re gonna roam.


On our first joint outing since lockdown, my mate Robin and I fancied doing something different. Breakfast in the open air was great. It’s so great that our home county of Berkshire in the UK has so many adventures. It’s so great to be outside for long periods again.

It’d be really great to read others thoughts on this. I’d really welcome your comments below.

I hope you are all well and staying safe and that you can do more stuff outdoors 😊

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  1. PoojaG

    Sounds like a fun little adventure!

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