Looking Back To Inspire Future Adventures

Looking Back To Inspire Future Adventures

After a few weeks of pretty decent winter weather, February has hit us with heavy rain in South East England. With Storm Eunice due to hit us on Friday with 40 mph winds, I thought it was time to gain motivation for this year’s hikes and adventures.

So, I’ve been looking back over some old photos to gain inspiration, and I thought it might be worth sharing one adventure here. These photos are from when my mate and I walked up Pen y Fan, the highest point in South Wales, in 2019. It has to be one of my favourite mountains because the hills roll up along the track, meaning there are no real steep drops.

This was perfect for someone like me who has a considerable fear of heights. When we got to the top we were blessed with unspoilt views of rolling hills. The sun was trying to break through a thin fog, making it feel like we were in a mystical dreamscape.

There were plenty of pathways for us to explore the other mountains, but our tummies were rumbling heavily. Reluctantly, we headed back down and satisfied ourselves instead with a big fried breakfast!

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