Phone Box Reminder: The Importance Of Talking

Phone Box Reminder: The Importance Of Talking

Last weekend I was out on a hike, and I saw this lonely looking phone box in a village. It evoked in me the sense that we have to stay connected. Moreover, how it’s important to make the time to chat with one another.

I’m going through my phone contacts and making a list of people that I haven’t spoken to for a while. It’d be good to catch up.

Sometimes life just takes over and people move on – it’s a natural occurence in life. It’s also natural (and important) that we want to reconnect. Going through the names on my phone filled me with memories of times with specific people, and that filled me with joy.

The pandemic may have robbed us of certain things, but one thing that seeing that red phone box reminded me of is the importance of being there for one another, and to listen.

Reaching out to a family member, friend (old or new) or a stranger really can have a positive impact for everybody involved.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you have a great weekend with the people you love. (And give an old friend a call too).


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