Daily Prompt: 32 Flavours (Here Comes Herman)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “32 Flavors.”

1) Pork chops

2) Ian the Cardboard Soldier

3) Blonde Nonsense

4) Andy from Emmerdale

5) The Tendency of Florists

6) Quotation Marks

7) Cheeky offer on Tammy Wynnette’s House

8) $5000 or £5000? You decide

9) You’ve moved to Dundee

10) Pies

11) Namibian carpet wholesaler

12) Now you’re in Luton

13) Sir Anthony Hopkins and the cast of ‘Taming of The Shrew’

14) Aggro Donkey versus Clive

15) I’d like to visit Quebec one day.

16) I’d trust a marsupial given half a chance.

17) Can you remember the last time you bit an exercise book?

18) Herman is back

19) Rita made rug therapy for lunch

20) My favourite pizza had plastic surgery

21) Exhausted ZOD Petitions

22) ‘The Canterbury Tales’ by Mitt Romney

23) Past Pupils versus Ill Hedges

24) Fleppy Neptile washed the Snezwost.

25) Is Antartica just the world’s dandruff reserves?

26) Moon on a stick

27) Let’s all go to Zurich and limp about.

28) It’s a tragedy about Xena Warrior Princess not working in a Post Office/ Pork Scratchings

29) Peanut Butter

30) Poindexter Cup?

31) The Hulk isn’t green, it’s only paint

32) Roller skates – wheels = shoes

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